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“If private equity, real estate, and sustainability intrigue you, look this way. NREP is a leading Nordic private-equity firm seeking to make real estate better, more innovative and sustainable.”

- Jane Pan

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NREP is the leading Nordic Real Estate innovator, investor, and developer, combining focused investment strategies and active asset management to improve the built environment. By improving the design, construction, and use of urban real estate – with sustainability at the core – we are driving change to create real impact.


Since our inception in 2005, we have raised more than 10 funds, and executed more than 465 property transactions and developments in the Nordic region. We employ more than 500 people in 9 offices in Europe. NREP is a purpose-driven company with a strong culture, shared values and talented people.


The culture of NREP is characterized by a mixture of highly ambitious individuals combined with a clear preference for teamwork, entrepreneurship, and bringing your whole self to work. For more information, visit

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