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The company culture is characterized by a flat hierarchy with short decision-making paths where you really get to be involved and influence as an individual.

Carnegie has held a central position in Nordic business for more than 200 years. In the 19th century as a trading house. And for the past century as a financial adviser. Today, we are the leading investment and private bank in the Nordic region. A meeting place for ideas, knowledge and capital. For investments and investment opportunities.

Internship Opportunity

“Carnegie Investment Banking works with advice in Corporate Finance and annually offers an internship program with good opportunities for a continued offer of permanent employment. You are offered, for a period of ten weeks, to become a full-time part of Carnegie's Corporate Finance team. The internship is offered during five different periods spread evenly over the year. The internship program gives you the opportunity to create valuable contacts and experiences within Corporate Finance, as you get to work together with experienced senior employees. Also independent work where you are assigned responsibility and given room to develop is an important part of your time with us.”

Internship Investment Banking