“Together we make exceptional deals happen”

Access Partners is the leading financial advisory boutique in the Nordic region with offices in Stockholm and Helsinki. We are a team of ~30 high-performing professionals taking pride in making deals happen for our clients. We were founded on the premise that we could deliver a more tailored client offer, including M&A and Debt Advisory. Together, we have closed over 200 transactions for a combined value over 20 billion euro, including several multi-billion landmark deals. We are one firm with offices in Stockholm and Helsinki dedicated to clients active in the Nordic region.



We always look for exceptional talent that can demonstrate both the strong analytical skills that our PE-clients require from us while mastering the necessary social skills and maturity to eventually become Partner. Since 2006 Access Partners has never stopped hiring when we find “Access Partners material” ready to take on a lot of responsibility from Day 1. We hire new professionals all year around so don’t hesitate to reach out if you believe you would be a good fit.

We don’t operate like a bulge-bracket investment bank and as a result we can offer not just a challenging internship but also an opportunity to learn all aspects of deal execution. The internship starts flexibly in January 2021 and runs over the following 4 - 5 months. To apply, please send your CV and a short introductory e -mail to


“We work hard to ensure that our team members are exposed to the right type of work to maximize their learning curves as well as to deliver an appropriate work-life balance. Today we spend 70% of our time doing live transactions, 15% on marketing and 15% business development… I don’t believe that any other firm in Stockholm can offer that type of deal exposure”

– Christian Magnuson, Staffer